Shop a Yob? Shop a Nob!

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I personally consider The Sun’s ‘Shop a Yob’ campaign to be obscene.

I also found it interesting that they’ve found the perfect poster child in Michael Carroll.

I bet I can name someone richer than Michael who does more damage to society. On a daily basis.

You should read up on Sun editor Rebekah Wade a bit, too. A dangerous woman in a very influential position.

‘Shop a Yob’ angered me so much that I simply had to make the following posters as therapy.

You can get yourself a large copy for your home or workplace by clicking on any sample below.

Download, display and enjoy.

UPDATE (30th Oct 2003) – The Sun’s Shop a Yob campaign is not only disgraceful, it’s a shameless rip-off.

Hmm. Hard to know who to root for on this one.

Andrew Parkes is the editor of News Shopper, which has been running its own Shop a Yob campaign for almost two years, and he had this to say: “If The Sun is serious about joining with us in our fight to identify and shame the scum of our society then I welcome them.”

Poster 1 – Rebekah Wade

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Poster 2 – Rupert Murdoch

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