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Posted by Tim Ireland at 3 November 2004

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Four. More. Years.Put it aside. Put it aside and focus on what needs to be done. We appear to have four years of hard work ahead of us, and we simply can’t afford to roll over.

It would appear that many Americans have difficulty telling the difference between someone who *is* a good president and someone who is (sometimes) very good at playing the role of president.

All issues of legality aside, the Iraq war not only served as a massive distraction from the fight against terrorism, it also aided existing terrorists and encouraged further terrorism.

Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib played a massive, massive role here.

Take a look this; it’s been on my mind lately and I’ve talked/emailed a few of you about it…

Abu Ghraib photos cause gasps in Congress: More
than 1,800 images, including video clips, were screened by members of the House and Senate in separate classified briefings under Pentagon supervision. The lawmakers disagreed over whether or not the images should be made public, but reaction to the content was vehement.

As DailyKos quite rightly asks; Where is the outrage?

Initially, I found it hard to believe that any human being could see the full scope of this abuse and then keep quiet about it. Then it became clear that even Democrats were wary of full disclosure. The full horror of Abu Ghraib and the trail that led to it would be so damaging to American interests that it simply wouldn’t be worth ‘using’ it to target Bush. Perhaps the assumption was made that the election would sort things out and now – soon – a voice or two will be heard. Perhaps.At the moment, somewhere in the mind of fervent Bush supporters, is a fuzzy area that shuts this information out with repeated chants of ‘Saddam was worse’ and ‘war against terror at all costs.’ A larger cloud linking Saddam Hussein to Al Qaeda further complicates matters.This storm of bullshit is enabled primarily by mainstream media. Their actions are clouded by yet another lie – the myth of liberal media.At the centre of the bullshit storm is one man; Murdoch.A large amount of bloggage recycles output from the mainstream. Much noise was made about the power of bloggers over ‘RatherGate’ but They. Were. Used.The real power of blogs won’t be seen until it outperforms, overpowers or outmanoeuvres the larger machine.So there’s your obvious target, and there’s your obvious task. We need to reach the audience Rupert Murdoch commands and show them the truth.A small example of this in action can be seen by searching for ‘page 3 girls’ in Google. More impressive (if slightly less useful in that most of Murdoch’s victims aren’t aware of who he is and/or what role he plays in their lives) is this search result for ‘rupert murdoch’.We need to show people the lies they’ve been told, the people behind those lies, and the purpose of those lies.To do that, we need to:1 – Own the bulk of real estate for every major search query relating to Murdoch assets and show what role those assets play2 – Make messages as clear and as irrefutable as possible3 – Take those messages offline and into the ‘real’ world (where – currently – fantasy prevails)Recruitment begins today. You know the address. Use it.PS – Blowjobs? Pah! You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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