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Friday, November 12th, 2004
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With memories of fallen troops uppermost in people’s minds this week (well, almost uppermost), and the very real possibility that you could get sent to your death for reasons of political convenience after 3 months of basic training, who in their right mind would join the army these days?

Well, judging by this front page, The Sun seems to be suggesting that Prince William is willing to be all he can be.

Phwoarrr! Somebody hand me a gun!Now, I hate to split heirs (oh shut up – you love it) but it’s Prince Harry who’s headed to Sandhurst. Of course, he’s only third-in-line. And ginger. So it makes much more sense to dig up a photo from August 1998 featuring Di II toting a sub-machine gun.And just to make sure readers get the message, on Page 3 we are assured that Melanie (24, from Watford) “can’t resist all-action hunks” and “is thrilled to see Prince William training with the crack fighters of the SAS.”Says Melanie: “Wills is one of the most handsome fellas around, but seeing him with the SAS makes him even more fanciable.”Core message: Get your hands on a weapon, and you might just get your hands on a fit bird… but I can’t help but wonder if readers of The Sun truly appreciate the risks they face.

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