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The moral outrage is driven by a minority. There’s a surprise. Now, here are some cartoon characters stripped bare (SFW). Are you outraged? No?

OK, tinfoil time then: In sworn affidavit, programmer says he developed vote-rigging prototype for Florida congressman; Congressman’s office silent. But surely this prototype was only used to test the machines, thereby making them more secure?

(UPDATE – More links and much discussion at Slashdot.)

US admits the war for ‘hearts and minds’ in Iraq is now lost. I am shocked. That such an admission would be made.

Kevin Drum has a few questions for you. My answer to Question 2 is a charter from a few days back:

Guardian – Washington funds false sex lessons: The Bush administration is funding sexual health projects that teach children that HIV can be contracted through sweat and tears, touching genitals can result in pregnancy, and that a 43-day-old foetus is a thinking person. A congressional analysis of more than a dozen federally funded “abstinence-only programmes” unveiled a litany of “false, misleading and distorted information” in teaching materials after reviewing curriculums designed to prevent teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease.

Here I choose to direct you to:
The Silver Ring Thing – The Lies of Denny Pattyn
Beware the deadly trouser snake

Finally, we have this:
Five Mistakes Band & Label Sites Make

Here, I choose to point out the success of JPEG Baby (which shows the correct use of Flash to promote music in a way that the music labels are still resisting) and direct you to the following not-entirely-unrelated article:
Hollywood Sites, Hollywood URLs

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