Budd Inquiry: No favours, just lacking a conclusion

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BBC – Calls for fresh Blunkett inquiry: The Tories and the Lib Dems are calling for a second inquiry into the fast-tracking of a visa application for David Blunkett’s ex-lover’s nanny. Sir Alan Budd found a “chain of events” linked Mr Blunkett to Leoncia Casalme’s indefinite leave to remain application, but he could not say exactly how. Tory leader Michael Howard said “many questions” were left unanswered.

Mixed interpretations of Budd inquiry

Guardian – Worm in the Budd: The Home Office is either a poorly run department or else a department run by people with poor memories. These seem the only conclusions to be drawn from Sir Alan Budd’s primly titled “inquiry into an application for indefinite leave to remain” – aka the David Blunkett affair – which was published yesterday.

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