ID Cards: Charles Clarke steps up to the plate

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Monday, December 20th, 2004
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Charles Clarke makes his case via Rupert Murdoch’s Times newspaper…

Blair Times – ID cards defend the ultimate civil liberty: I believe that some critics of our proposals are guilty of liberal woolly thinking and spreading false fears when they wrongly claim that ID cards will erode our civil liberties, will revisit 1984, usher in the “Big Brother” society, or establish some kind of totalitarian police state.

Damn it, when will us naive peaceniks and naysayers just try to see things their way? As The Sun points out today; The Government is rightly pressing ahead with the scheme which will cut crime, fight terrorism and curb illegal immigration.

This must be done for our own protection (freedom is slavery) and only weak-minded fools ask questions about it (ignorance is strength). I do wish people would cut it out with Orwellian references, which quite obviously have no bearing here.

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