The Sun: All your Christmas are belong to us

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Spot the offensive imageThe Sun prepares you for a full red mist this morning with a kick-arse front page, letting you know that Christmas is under attack from “meddling politically correct jobsworths.” In case you’re not sure what this really means, today’s Page 3 girl spells it out for you…

Krystle (21, from Manchester) reckons political correctness ruins the Christmas spirit. She says: “Loony lefties who try to spoil Christmas should be banned. They all just seem to enjoy making other people miserable.”

There you are. Loony lefties. We hate Christmas, and anything else that brings you joy or comfort. We should be banned. Or perhaps shot.

This Sun story echoes concerns voiced in the Moonie Times, but – because the media is overrun with leftist scum, if you actually take the time to look into this story, you’ll see that most other news outlets focus on the celebrity nativity-scene stunt at Madame Tussauds.

Look, here’s more at MSNBC!

That’s 141 stories to 2, folks. Curse the liberal-media!

Hark! Hypocrites!But hark! What is this that I see? The loony left are actually voicing concerns that this cheap publicity stunt somehow demeans the religious aspect of Christmas… while ignoring the real threat of political correctness! The hypocrisy is sickening.Thankfully, The Sun is there to clarify matters. In their article today, they chide Tony Blair for denying his God and enlist the help of Michael Howard in their ‘campaign to save Christmas – by turning back the tide of politically correct meddling that threatens to destroy it.’But they also take the time to point out that: This week London’s Madame Tussauds waxworks came under fire for a Nativity scene featuring a celebrity line-up led by Posh and Becks. It is supposed to be fun. But for some people, fun is a dirty word.Ah, you see? The ever-cunning left are attacking Christmas and everything else that is fun by sneering at a commercial enterprise that makes fun of Christmas. It’s all starting to make sense now.For further clarity, we turn to the editorial, which states that: “Muslims are NOT upset by Christmas and the message it gives to the world. Like Christians, Muslims respect Jesus. Islam teaches that Jesus is one of the greatest of God’s prophets. Like Jews, Muslims do not believe Jesus was the son of God. But the idea that the Nativity causes Muslims or Jews distress is ludicrous. The PC Brigade’s big lie is that all religions are different. In fact, they have much in common, not least the universal values of love, peace, forgiveness and tolerance. For centuries, there has been no more tolerant country than Britain. The freedom to worship the religion of your choice was won after a long and often bloody struggle. Christian, Sikh, Muslim, Jew, Hindu and those of every faith live in harmony. It is those who believe in nothing, yet seek to impose their bland creed of uniformity on all, who bring disharmony.So there you have it. The left has been lying to you. We believe that all religions are different, and have been trying to make everybody the same.When in truth, all religions are the same. Which explains Britain’s long history of religious tolerance. Or something.And we can rely on The Sun to continue to promote this tolerance. Why, it was The Sun’s very own Dominic Mohan who sparked the return of Band Aid, thereby helping to bring a message of Christian peace, love and snowflakes to the starving people of Africa. And now, they plan to fight valiantly to defend Christmas itself from the accursed heathens who dare to attack it in the name of religious sensitivity.SIDEBAR – A cold-hearted cynic such as myself might draw parallels between their current slogan (“The Sun: We love it!”), these recent efforts, and the efforts of a semi-fictional character who had a desperate need to be loved, while sadly being unable to feel the emotion himself. But to do so would be wrong. (Coughs, splutters and whispers “Rosebud” before breathing his last.)UPDATE – *cough*UPDATE – And just take a look at what happens when there is “no governing moral standard”…

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