The War on Christmas is global

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Friday, December 17th, 2004
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The Sun has backed off on their Save Our Christmas campaign. Perhaps Ben was right and the whole thing was meant to occupy minds that otherwise would dwell on the Blunkett affair. Or perhaps they’re simply running out of ammunition. The best they can manage today is vandals who cut down a Christmas tree and some schoolchildren who have been banned from wearing tinsel around their neck. Instead, they’re using a lot of space demonising Kimberly Quinn/Fortier (there’s a large ‘Fatal Attraction’ centre-spread, casting her as a “wicked witch” out to destroy his career) and laying the grounds for Blunkett’s triumphant return.

Then again, this link from Peter suggests that this is a seasonal – and global – event designed to use Christianity’s greatest PR asset to demonise the left:

Metafilter – Annual airing of grievances

Then-then again-again, it could be both. Rebekah Wade isn’t beyond multi-tasking in her role as Willing Servant of Evil.

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