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AP – Bush pushing for more faith-based funds: President Bush has succeeded in opening the checkbooks of five federal departments to religious organizations. Now he’s setting his sights on money doled out by the states. The goal is to persuade states to funnel more of the federal money for social service programs that they administer to “faith-based organizations.”

Drug Policy Alliance – Is Bush Expanding Faith-Based Drug Treatment?: Regardless of whether this represents a new program or a continuation or expansion of an existing program, critics have been quick to point out that faith-based drug treatment could be prone to offer an inferior quality of treatment counselor. Jim Towey, the president’s point man for faith-based initiatives, admits that faith-based counselors are not held to the same standards as typical drug treatment counselors, according to the AP. Other critics are wary of using federal money to fund avowedly religious organizations.

I can’t see the problem myself. The President himself is an excellent example of what happens when you overcome addiction through faith transformation.

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