The Sun banned by Lewisham College

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Today Page 3 lovely Nikkala (22, from Middlesex) thinks a principal’s decision to ban The Sun from her college is a disgrace. She adds: “I just can’t understand the thinking behind this petty-minded move. Page 3 is just harmless fun and it helps brighten up the day for a lot of blokes. Surely she must have better things to do with her time.”

Harmless fun. I love it when they say that.

The Sun – Sun-sorship at college: A killjoy college boss has angered students and staff by banning them from reading The Sun. Leftie Ruth Silver ordered the Sun-sorship even though not one of her 15,000 students has complained about the paper. Ms Silver claims Britain’s favourite newspaper – read each day by millions of females – is “degrading to women”. One angry student told The Sun that the principal had even ticked off a member of staff for taking the paper to fun-free Lewisham College, South East London.

Leftist killjoys. I love it when they say that.

Here’s the contact page for Lewisham College. I hope you’ll join me in sending a message of support.

UPDATE – Phones are jammed, by the looks of things. Well done The Sun. No email addresses on the site, but I did manage to squeeze through the system and ask for one. If you want it (I don’t want to publish it here) just email me and ask for it.

Hey, and guess what? John Beyer got back to me on this thoughts about a topless woman backing his case. He said: “I think it is a great pity and wrong that young women are enticed by newspapers to pose indecently. I have stated this publicly on numerous occasions.”

John, if you’re reading this, I expect you to send a message of support. Or perhaps run a campaign. That is what you do, isn’t it?

PS – The ‘on hold’ music for Lewisham College is to die for. :o)

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