Vote For Me (ITV) goes to air

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Damn it all, I missed my chance to make a total arse of myself on television. And I was busy blogging and missed the programme’s debut last night. Oh well. I’ll catch up.

Independent – Vote For Me, ITV1: The programme’s gimmick is to put them through a selection process, and the winner will stand for parliament. (i.e. to produce a single candidate)

The Working Title Party was geared to create a fresh crop of candidates: The winning participants can be awarded prize money on a sliding scale. With this funding, the outright winner will have the freedom to begin his own party based on their views and/or the views of their competitors. Recruiting less-successful participants to form a cabinet after the series will be the true test of this individual’s leadership. In fact, the outright winner may not be the person who brings this together – there could very well be a political Darius waiting in the wings (‘I will be the leader of a political party and win an election by the age of 35!’). So they may as a group choose to form an actual party, or they may not. That party may be led by the outright winner of the series, or it may now. Some participants may actually choose to use their funding and fame to begin a political career in existing parties. In short, no political party will be promoted during the series, as it will not – or even may not – exist until well after the series has concluded.

Did anybody watch it? How many parallels are there to my original proposal?

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