MPs and candidates: my door is always* open

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Wednesday, February 2nd, 2005
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*This door is now closed.

I’ve been campaigning, building and advising for close to two years in an attempt to get more politicians blogging. In this time, help, aid and advice has been given (often freely) to members of the Labour, Lib-Dem and Conservative parties.But until the election has been and gone, the best/only advice I can offer you is this:Now is not a good time for you to launch a weblog.My current MP is a sweetie-pie. I’ve had action taken on my behalf, and even got a question asked in Parliament. But I’ve also lived in areas where I’ve not seen or heard from my MP for years on end… until election time, when they suddenly started appearing in the High St and turning up at my home. I tend to ignore or slam the door on these people. Others are inclined to give them a right bollocking while they’ve got the chance. It is my considered opinion that this is the kind of reaction you will get from the more seasoned bloggers you will be relying on to make this networking tool work in your favour.Starting a weblog as little as 3 months ago would have suggested that you were perhaps committed to this new level of communication in the long term. Starting a weblog now suggests that you will only be interested in the exercise for the duration of your election campaign.

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