MPs: the public needs to know they *can* engage

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Thursday, February 24th, 2005
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OK, I see the problem. I also think that we can fix it.

If more MPs had websites that were more interactive (and by that, I mean open, two-way and communicative) then we might just stand a chance of breaking the “I keep my constituents at a distance because they tend to yell at me” and “I give my MP a right bollocking when I can because I so rarely get the chance to talk to them and/or I only ever bother to do so when I’m angry” cycle.

Following the election, this door will re-open. In the meantime, I would offer this free piece of advice…

If you are an MP or a candidate, now is the worst possible time to begin a weblog. Because it’s too late. It’s too damn close to the election, and the assumption will be that this is the only time/reason you’re going to be bothered with such things. I’m not saying this assumption is correct, I’m just pointing out that it is there and that it will be near to overwhelming in most cases.

UPDATE – Bob Piper has now been blogging for an entire year.

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