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Posted by Tim Ireland at 23 February 2005

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This is rather predictable and sad, but it needs to be blogged for the archives…

Today, Page 3 stunna Katie (19, from Liverpool) ‘thinks’ it’s a terrible the Queen won’t be attending Prince Charles’ wedding and ‘reckons’ it is a deliberate snub. She ‘says’: “It must be awful to have your mother miss one of the biggest days of your life. And what a slap in the face to Camilla. I know a civil wedding is probably not what the Queen had in mind, but if it’s good enough for the rest of us, why isn’t it good enough for her?”

For reference: BBC – Q&A: Queen’s wedding decision

Just wondering: There must be a release these girls have to sign that covers The Scum, allowing them to put these words into the mouths of their models. I’d love to see a copy.

Also: A lot of what is printed in newspapers is entered into LexisNexis. I bet this isn’t.
(Photograph) – BECKY, 24, from London

BECKY can’t believe the Beckhams have called the latest addition to their family Cruz. She said: “I know David is a footballer but giving your son the Spanish name for cross is ridiculous. On me ‘ead!”

Picture: Allan Strutt Underwear: Daniel Axel”


  1. Manic says

    Surprisingly it does go on LexisNexis. Today’s hasn’t been uploaded yet, but here’s Monday’s.”Copyright 2005 NEWS GROUP NEWSPAPERS LTDThe SunFebruary 21, 2005SECTION: PAGE THREELENGTH: 50 wordsHEADLINE: NEWS IN BRIEFSThat *does* surprise me. Hmmm. Now we have access to All Teh Boobz, I think there may just be a book in this.:o)

  2. Scaryduck says

    The model release form is probably the same as the one they use in jazz mags to allow all sorts of made up blurb next to the nudey pics. Essentially, they are assigning image rights to the publisher with no editorial control as to how they are used. Not that I’d know, like.

  3. Manic says

    So basically they substitute “Sherry loves it up the arse and has a thing for horses” with “Sherry believes in detention without trial”… how pleasant.

  4. balders says

    “… how pleasant.” Which bit? Sherry taking it up the arse or detention without trial? Or perhaps both? Detention without trial and having it up the arse… … shudders.

  5. Manic says

    Hehehehe – that reminds me. This popped up in my stats today. It calls up some NSFW images and a joyful result in the second row:

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