Blunkett not the daddy… and certainly not the source of the leaks

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Independent – Furious Quinns launch tirade against Blunkett: In public, Mr Blunkett refused to counterattack, saying it would be “unseemly” to engage in a public argument with the couple. Privately, he is convinced that it was someone close to the Quinns who leaked to yesterday’s Sun newspaper the result of the latest DNA test, which established that he is not the father of Mrs Quinn’s second child, Lorcan, born last month.

What a load of unmitigated bulldust.

If you check Bloggerheads from the 16th, 17th and 18th of August 2004, you’ll see a clear pattern of ‘mysterious leaks’ that take form in print in The Sun and News Of The World as support-pieces for David Blunkett. FFS, they even had their Page 3 girl shedding a tear at his resignation.

If the Quinns had leaked anything to The Sun, Wade would have turned that against them in a second in a barrage of SHAMELESS HUSSY MANIPULATES PRESS headlines.

Guy Fawkes – No Need for a Nanny Now: The negative DNA test result comes as rumours circulate that Blunkett could make an early return after Labour wins the General Election. Admittedly the main sources for the rumours are Blunkett and his few remaining allies.

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