David Shayler to stand against Tony Blair

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Scotsman – Rebel Spy to Stand Against Blair in Election: Renegade spy David Shayler is to stand against the Prime Minister in the forthcoming general election, it was confirmed today. Mr Shayler, jailed for six months in 2002 for revealing official secrets, will run in Mr Blair’s Sedgefield constituency. The ex-MI5 officer said he would campaign on two anti-war issues and on Mr Blair’s “attacks on democratic rights over the last eight years”. Mr Shayler, a former counter-terrorism specialist, claimed the Prime Minister’s backing for the Iraq war had put Britons at greater risk from terrorism.
Tony Blair is a big, fat liar!
BBC – Shayler to stand against Blair: The former counter-terrorism officer, who is originally from nearby Middlesbrough, said: “Our democracy is in crisis and unless we act now, there will be no democracy left fighting for. If we can encourage a large protest vote in Sedgefield, it would send a clear message to the politicians of this country that the people have had enough of autocratic leaders who fail to represent their constituents.”

This was the bit I wasn’t able to tell you about on the 9th. Work is still being done on the back-end for Craig Murray’s website, but as soon as that’s done, we begin to build a blog for David Shayler.

I’m likely to go quiet for long periods next week, but you can check out the sites under ‘associates’ for bits and bobs I would normally be blogging myself.

PS – Don’t forget: Panorama, Sunday 20th March, 10:15pm

Watch it. Tape it. Share it.

Also, the Bring The Troops Home demonstration is tomorrow (Saturday, gathering at 12 noon at Speakers Corner). You may want to take some posters.

UPDATE – Backing Blair – Keys to stand against Blair

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