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Thursday, March 3rd, 2005
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Shhh! I’m busy negotiating, planning, building and animating. Have a quick linkdump:

Terror Bill: Taking liberties
Ice cream! It softens the blow of not making this list.
Auntie breathes a sigh of relief
Watch him!
Take a survey.
Ski your brains out.
Yet another pressure group
The Japanese government is trying to build an airbase for the U.S. Marine Corps by land-filling a coral reef with Japanese taxpayers’ money.
Ann Coulter runs off at the mouth again.
Blair may face Sedgefield challenger
‘Numa’ breaks into the mainstream.
Where Did The Protesters Go?

Finally, yes, I saw all the Paris Hilton mobile sites – but figured there was no point blogging one of them. We’ve all seen Miss Hilton’s naked body before… and why bother calling someone to hassle them (or yell at their voicemail) just because they’re famous?

But this… this is worth blogging.

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