It’s all your fault

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Independent – Anti-terror Bill passes Commons hurdle after MPs win concessions: Tony Blair faces a trial of strength with the House of Lords today to secure his anti-terror Bill after threatening to make the fight against terrorism a central election issue. The Prime Minister warned that he would hold the Conservatives responsible for destroying the Prevention of Terrorism Bill if peers did not drop their opposition to house arrest for suspects.

Guardian – Terror bill faces deadlock in Lords after concessions cut Labour revolt

Guardian – Bones of contention over a dog’s breakfast

BBC – Blair warning on anti-terror bill

Telegraph – Blair ready to take terror fight to polls: Tony Blair raised the stakes in the battle over anti-terrorism laws last night by declaring his readiness to fight the general election on putting the security of the country before civil liberties.

Remember, those who oppose this bill are causing the problem. And this government wasn’t warned over a year ago that their anti-terror laws were flawed and needed to be reviewed as a matter of urgency.

Timeline up to and including the Law Lords ruling in Dec 2004.

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