The War on Tories

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Observer – Chaos: how war on terror became a political dogfight: If anyone seriously thought that security would fade as an election issue, the rhetoric and propaganda of the past 24 hours should provide ample evidence that it will be at the heart of the campaign. For Labour, it is clear that the war on terror and the war against the Tories have become indistinguishable.

Told you so.


Sctosman – The long battle ends, now the war begins: The Tories belatedly making their way to their pre-election rally in Brighton proclaimed the outcome a victory for their uncompromising stance on the bill, citing the compromise that the new laws will be reviewed next year as a cave-in by Tony Blair. And yet, despite the opposition’s crowing, Blair, Clarke and his predecessor, David Blunkett, got exactly the powers they had been seeking all along.

Nick Barlow – The wrong kind of steel in the backbone
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