Backing Blair – first truck on the street Tuesday April 5

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Tuesday April 5 - watch it happen!The Backing Blair truck will be on London’s streets Tuesday April 5!!!!

Thank you to everybody who made donations that made this possible.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

URGENT: We’re OK for still photography, but we’re *still* looking for someone with a digital video camera to capture the moment at Westminster. Get in touch if you can help.

UPDATE – We’re now covered for a digital video camera – but do feel free to come along and capture a few frames for yourself.

There will definitely be a second outing for the truck after this – but it may not be in London. If you’re in London on the day and want to catch us in action, we will be hitting the following locations at the following times:

11:00am – GREENWICH

We’ll begin by seeing if there’s any room for us in the (no doubt very busy) coach station adjacent to the Millennium Dome:

Journalists: If you want something that passes for a brief photo-call, this is where it’s going to happen. But if you’re feeling lazy; don’t sweat it. We plan to come and see you anyway…

12:00pm – CANARY WHARF

We’ll probably do a few laps of Canary Wharf before moving on to the News International building (we probably won’t get past some security cordons – please see updated map links):


You can expect us to do a few laps here, in an effort to catch the lunchtime crowd:


Round and round the garden, like a teddy bear… we’ll also do a few drive-bys of Downing St, Abingdon Green (where reporters stand to do their to-camera pieces from outside Parliament) and – if possible – Old Queen St (home to Labour HQ):

From here, we plan to go free-wheeling all over town (we hope to drive past the BBC and through Camden at the very least), but we will definitely finish at…

7:00pm – WATERLOO

Just in time to show off our truck to everybody who turns up on time for the next Backing Blair meeting:

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