Charles is in love, not in love… brave, not brave

Posted by Tim Ireland at 11 April 2005

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8th April 2005 – Sarah (21, from Crawley) gets her jubblies out to welcome Charles and Camilla’s plan to confess “sins and wickedness” in their wedding prayers. She adds: Charlie’s really brave. He must love Camilla if he’s prepared to do that in front of millions watching on TV. I think once it’s over, they should be left alone to enjoy a happy marriage.”

Alas, it was not to be… but surely only because Charles’ love proved to be not quite as deep and profound as the Page 3 girls Rebekah Wade first suspected. For one thing, there’s not nearly enough snogging!

11th April 2005 – Page 3 favourite Zoe (24, from London) ‘reckons’ Prince Charles should have kissed Camilla in public. She says: It’s a shame he didn’t give her a peck. It would have been a lovely show of affection.”

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