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Eggs!Well done, Curious Hamster!

This one word, scrawled into the beach with a size-11 boot, will probably have had three stages of life:
1) Where people watched the scrawling
2) Where people saw the word
3) Where people saw someone rubbing the word out

All three stages are valuable and pertinent, so well done!

As one of the judges in our ‘four letter word’ competition, I’m not allowed to win anything… but that doesn’t stop me from taking part!

This morning I was listening to Jack Straw do everything he could to avoid answering John Humphrys and it struck me that – after about the 12th “with respect” from Straw – that John Prescott would have handled it much better.

Then it hit me (so to speak)…

Eggs! Omelettes! Iraq!

Eggs are wonderfully versatile things. Left in random/unlikely locations, they become wonderfully curious things

Eggs on the loose!So this morning, I went to Toys R Us and snapped up this child’s stamp/printing set for the bargain price of 5 squid (this kit includes some great large-scale letters, complete with handles).

Then I went to my local stationers for a large red-ink stamp pad.

Then I went to the supermarket and picked up a bunch of eggs (that – as chance would have it – had a ‘Use By’ date of May 5).

After some careful stamping, I spent a happy hour or so distributing my eggs.

And tomorrow, I plan to stamp and distribute some more.

I may even get cheeky and label a few ‘Prescott’.


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