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Liberal Democrats Call For Full Public Inquiry Into Iraq War (i.e. the kind of inquiry Jack Straw seemed to suggest had happened four times over but has yet to take place).

Independent – A government at bay over Iraq war legality: The Iraq war was thrust to the top of the election agenda last night after the Attorney General’s advice to the Prime Minister over the legality of the conflict was leaked. The leak sparked the most bitter personal attacks on Mr Blair of the campaign so far with Michael Howard, the Tory leader, calling the Prime Minister a “liar”. Charles Kennedy, the Liberal Democrat leader, said it would put trust in Mr Blair at the heart of the election and turn the contest into a referendum on Mr Blair’s integrity.

Guardian – Blair’s evasions will catch up with him: There’s nothing new in it, government ministers said yesterday as they responded to an apparent leak of the attorney general’s advice on the legality of the war. That’s the best they could do on an issue that, not surprisingly, they have tried so desperately to suppress during the election campaign.

Independent – Goldsmith told Blair ‘war could be illegal’: Robin Cook, the former foreign secretary who resigned in protest as Leader of the Commons over the war in Iraq, said: “Many weeks ago, I urged the Government to publish the advice and said at the time that it was inevitable that it was going to become public. I deeply regret that the Government has left this issue to fester, to the point at which it has become public at the worst possible moment for the Government. They should’ve done it in their own time, and made a clean breast of it.”

And so it begins…

UPDATE – Edited transcript of Jack Straw dancing on Radio 4

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