On the subject of tactical voting

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More trucking images coming soon. In the meantime, here are two links to ponder…

Scotsman – And the winners are … the tactical voters: Tactical voting will perhaps be more appealing in this election than any other because, once you cut through the spin, there has seldom been less difference between the two contenders for 10 Downing Street.

Guardian – Hold your nose, vote Blair and Brown will be the victor: Iraq stands as Labour’s gigantic error, fighting George Bush’s war on his terms for his reasons. It is blood that cannot be expunged, expiated or “parked”, as some crasser Labour campaign organisers say. The cabinet and MPs were complicit, but this was Blair’s war and he is immeasurably damaged by it: now it symbolises a host of other discontents. But there is not much Blair can do about it. He can’t apologise for a war he thought right. I am not among those who think he lied. All he can do is keep acknowledging the widespread anger. So at this point the question falls back on the Labour voter. What are you going to do about it? To make Blair suffer by chasing Labour from power would be an odd revenge – cutting off Blair’s nose to spite everyone else’s face. Imagine election night as Labour seat after Labour seat comes tumbling down to the Tories – Portillo night in reverse. (And it would be Tory wins since the Lib Dems can only expect five or six gains from Labour.) The individual voter can’t fine- tune their vote to give Blair a satisfying slap in the face without risking Howard in Downing Street. As ever, revenge is disappointingly elusive.

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