Teh Dome

Posted by Tim Ireland at 6 April 2005

Category: UK General Election 2005

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Wednesday, April 6th, 2005
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Lots to do before I even *think* about blogging tomorrow. I hope that this will tide you over:

Teh Dome

I also hope that by this time next week you will be equally busy.

Life sucks when you reach the far side of an election and realise that they just wanted it more.

Prepare for action…

UPDATE – Oh, go on… have some more. Post-midday reportage soon. Video may take some time.

UPDATE – Tom, meet Truck. Truck, meet Tom.


  1. Murky.org says

    Millennium Dome

    I found myself at the Millennium Dome this morning, sadly a little too late to see off the ‘Backing Blair’ bus, but no great problem. I had never been to see the dome up close, and it seemed like a…

  2. Murky.org says

    In London again.

    I had a slightly late start yesterday, I missed the train which I’d intended to get and this meant I was too late to see off the ‘Backing Blair’ van. Still, I did see the Dome, and this is an…

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