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Guardian – Attacks on Tory politics of fear: Michael Howard’s latest attempt to use fear of crime as an election weapon against Labour rebounded badly last night when senior police chiefs condemned a Conservative campaign advertisement on crime for its “misleading statistics”, and the Archbishop of Canterbury warned against populist campaign language. The Tory leadership was criticised by individual forces and by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) for a series of newspaper and poster ads deployed in marginal seats to suggest that crime has been rising locally under Labour.

Compare with…

Harry’s Place – Thugs (updated): Here is a press release which talks of “the dangerous Lib Dem crime plans that would put the safety of Hartlepool people at risk”… The notes to the Labour press release give some of the details of the policies that may or may not be passed at the Lib Dem conference. You can argue about whether they are good policies or not but Labour’s campaign in Hartlepool looks little more than old-fashioned right-wing scaremongering.

PS – Keep an eye on Guido today. He’s planning on releasing a “Who’s who at Labour HQ.”

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