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Posted by Tim Ireland at May 9, 2005

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The fragrant Sandra Howard: The jeers of a few vocal protesters are drowned by the cheering. It’s a rousing reception. One deeply unpleasant man near me, called Anne a “Dipstick”; she says he’s been stalking her on his website as well. She’s the best woman for the job and deserves to win – and will!

1. There were dozens of protestors (Labour and UKIP), who were actually outnumbered by people who simply didn’t like Milton, Howard and/or the Tories in general.
2. Yes, I can see how objecting to the irresponsible use of racism and fear of disease would make me an unpleasant individual.
3. Nice use of the word ‘Dipstick’, though. Funny thing is, when I used the word, she accused me of using foul language.
4. Apparently scrutiny=stalking.
5. Anne was not the best woman for the job, she didn’t deserve to win, but win she did.

So the work will continue at the Anne Milton weblog, where several Miltonites, emboldened by the win, have suddenly found a voice and turned up to make a few comments. In their minds, Milton’s squeaking past the post means that every method she used in order to pull it off is justified and/or magically fades away. Or never happened in the first place. Give them a couple of weeks, and they’ll interrupt new material that develops from ongoing scrutiny to ask why I keep dwelling on the past.

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  1. Frances says

    Heh. Good stuff. But after all the frantic election blogging I’m feeling the need for review and reflection on the progress (or not) of proxy blogging. You know, what we’ve learnt, how we can move on. I know I’ve learnt a lot and would be very interested in other people’s insights.

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