Rock The Vote UK back for one final rip-off

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Monday, May 2nd, 2005
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The Sun continues its rip-off (1, 2) of the original Rock The Vote and shamelessly ties it into a push for Labour and the war in Iraq.

Check it out…

The Scum – Robbie sez: Use your vote!: Pop superstar Robbie Williams today urges all Sun readers: “Use your voice – you must vote.” Other stars backing our drive include Madonna, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, singer Will Young and comics Frank Skinner and Al Murray. Queen of pop Madonna, 46, told Sun readers: “Take responsibility for yourself and the world around you. Vote!” Meanwhile millionaire radio star Chris Evans pledged his support for Tony Blair yesterday. The DJ spoke at a rally of party members in Enfield, North London – which the PM also addressed. Evans said of Mr Blair: “He is a good man, an honest man and more important for me he means it.”

A good man. An honest man. Did you catch that?

Cock off, Evans.

The Scum Says – Be heard!: At last, it’s the final lap. In just three days, campaigning will give way to voting. The general feeling is that the 2005 election has been one of the least inspiring in living memory. Yesterday was pretty typical. The lacklustre Tories and laughable Lib Dems came up with nothing innovative just another attack on Tony Blair over Iraq. They’re like a record stuck in a groove. Except nobody outside the Westminster village is listening. When the opposition parties can do no more than hurl personal insults at the Prime Minister, there’s little wonder so many lose interest in politics. That’s why it’s so important for YOU to be heard on Thursday. Some of the biggest names in showbusiness have backed our Rock The Vote campaign and urged readers to vote on Thursday. Robbie Williams’ message today is short but to the point: “Use your voice – you must vote.” He’s dead right.

Did you catch that?

Translation: Vote! Use your voice! But please shut the fuck up about Iraq, because nobody cares. Now here’s a pop star who (you can assume) agrees with us on that point.

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