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Monday, June 13th, 2005
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Just doing some backtracking on Star Wars: A Musical Tribute. Here’s some stuff I found along the way…

I missed this one from January (via Capatain’s Blog) – Star Wars Episode III: A Lost Hope

I didn’t miss the Lego Church plugged by Baseball Crank (this was blogged over two years ago) but this is new information – Lucas’ idea for new Star Wars Prequel?

Emo Farm (via Screenhead) confused me at first, because none of their emos looked like Emo. Then I realised I was dealing with a new kind of emo – a lower-case ‘e’ emo. Does this lack of cult-term-awareness mean that I actually have been getting out more?

Nooooooo! has been appearing everywhere, and is now popular enough to be well-and-truly broken.

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