How bias works

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Rupert Murdoch not only controls what his readers/viewers/listeners learn via right-wing bias (which has long been denied but was finally confirmed last month); he controls what readers/viewers/listeners of other news services learn via accusing them of left-wing bias.

Let me give you an example…

What Tony Blair asked for Africa and what Tony Blair got are two very different things. The $674 million in emergency aid for Africa from the US that he and others did their best to put a positive spin on is a far cry from the billions he was seeking… and it had already been earmarked for this purpose by Congress.

Now, the BBC did make us aware of this in the initial report, but on subsequent reports (especially on radio), they let the claims that this was new/significant money slide in the hope that sensible people would remember the important bit. They do this kind of thing because:
1) They fear that it will be used as a stick to beat them with. (Why does the BBC continue with their anti-American propaganda? etc. etc.)
2) It takes about 18 seconds to explain, and time/space is precious in media.
3) They place great trust in your intelligence.

But FOX has a cleverererer way of dealing with it. They develop a catchphrase that sums up an issue (from their point of view) and/or undermines one of their targets and repeat it again and again and again.

If the BBC were as guilty of bias as Murdoch’s minions claim they are, then this would have been dubbed ‘pocket change’ from Day One and you would still be hearing the term describing it today.

Repetition aids retention.
Repetition aids retention.
Repetition aids retention.

But the BBC don’t do this. FOX do. The Sun does it too. Again and again and again. All the while crying hysterically that the BBC is pushing a liberal agenda. They do this kind of thing because:
1) They do not fear Teh Stick. They are Teh Stick.
2) It takes about 1.5 seconds to assert (no explanation required), and time/space is precious in media.
3) They place great trust in your stupidity.

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