Timely terror shock #342

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Isn’t it funny how a fake alert or an un-named threat or old intelligence dressed up as a current threat always crops up every time this government readies itself to remove another of our liberties? And isn’t it rather odd that this long-time Blairite mouthpiece always happens to lead the way? (Here’s a prime example.)

The Scum – Harry was a sitting duck: A Sun reporter with a “bomb” gained easy access to Prince Harry’s Sandhurst quarters – and could have blown him up.

For true!

The Scum Says – Army Shambles: If he had been a terrorist, the third in line to the throne could have been dead by now. This is the third time The Sun has planted a “bomb” at the heart of a supposedly ultra-secure zone. First it was the Commons, and then Windsor Castle. Now it is the home of the cream of our future Army officers.

For shame!

Rebekah Wade is being far too modest. She’s also pulled this stunt at several other secure zones, including Birmingham Airport. Anyway, I won’t bore you with needless details. I know you what to crack on and hear what the bird with the baps thinks…

Today, Zoe (a 24-year-old Page 3 stalwart who is notorious for her perky and positive views on Iraq) has her say regarding the security breach at Sandhurst: “Why are the royals so poorly protected? I’m appalled that a Sun reporter managed to walk around unchallenged. He could have been a terrorist. Lessons need to be learned before it’s too late.”

Yes, the point about lessons learned is a good one. The election is barely a month in the past and we’re already back on familiar and dangerous ground.

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