A range of views in a world where only one is permitted

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A fabulous round-up of opinions here at Chicken Yoghurt.

This, I particularly like: It hasn’t changed our way of life. 7/7. We can still brand it and sell it. You need a good brand to compete in the increasingly crowded warmongering market. A good brand needs staying power and immediate recognition. It needs to be dynamic to drive the consumer into action.

Also via Chicken Yoghurt, this from Armando Iannucci: The Incitement to Connect Terrorism with Iraq Bill – The closing of a pretty massive loophole, this, since, at long last, columnists and other terrorists who broadcast inflammatory statements that may cause people to connect bombings with the situation in Iraq can now have their columns taken away from them and replaced by columns written by Home Office staff.

On that subject, I totally agree with this statement from Robin: Since the events of 7/7 (god, I hate calling it that) there’s been a concerted attempt, from the statement under discussion to the high levels of government, to replicate what the republicans did after 9/11 – to brand all dissent un-patriotic and shut down the debate.

However, this comment under that post by Phil E is also worth reading to understand my view on Unite Against Terror campaign heralded by Harry’s Place and the spammers over at Labour Friends of Iraq: If the LFI crowd is anything like the HP regulars, you’ll fall into their trap whether you sign the statement (“Aha! You do agree with us!”) or not (“Aha! You don’t agree with us!”). Just ignore the trap-merchants; keep talking to whoever wants to keep talking.

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