Is Mark Pritchard a gutless spammer?

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Monday, July 4th, 2005
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Do pardon the belligerent tone of the headline. I’m in a mood.

Mark Pritchard’s Blog (or lack of it): So if Mark was Technical Manager for a company who are a leading UK provider of Domain Registration and Web Hosting Services you’d think he’d bother to use his own blog wouldn’t you?

Oh, gosh yes, especially when Discount Domains are so very aware of the potential of SEO.

You know I’ll flap my lips about this at the drop of a hat, so please do excuse me if I’m repeating myself here; blogging isn’t a technology thing, it’s a community/networking thing.

Mark Pritchard is almost certainly aware of the technology but, given his apparent attitude toward online communities in general, I don’t hold any great hopes for him using it properly. Or at all.

UPDATE – For those who need reminding, Pritchard is the MP with the empty blog featuring archive links that go back to the dawn of time.

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