Let me show you the enemy

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The Scum says (13 July 2005): These were extremist criminals who happened to be Muslims. They do not represent Britain’s Muslim community. Indeed, the thugs who carry out imbecilic “reprisals” against Muslims do nothing but further Osama Bin Laden’s twisted cause. Mosques have been vandalised and set alight. An Asian man lies dead, apparently from a racist attack. Ordinary, peace-loving Muslims – themselves reeling from yesterday’s news – now fear for their safety, as The Sun’s Anila Baig writes so movingly in today’s Sun newspaper. And ironically that is what Bin Laden wants. He wants our country divided, with Christian turned against Muslim. He loathes the idea of a harmonious, multi-cultural Britain. Every brick the thugs throw, every blow they strike against Muslims, hands Bin Laden a small victory.

Today, Richard Littlejohn appears in the Sun and urges you to hurl bricks. I’d love to provide a link, but The Scum no longer allow Littlejohn’s articles online… it increases the chances of academics (what use the Interwebs) determining that he’s clinically insane.

Richard Littlejohn (15 July 2005):

How would the Second World War have turned out if the modern diversity and human rights agenda had been in force back then and all reporting was subject to today’s BBC guidelines?

London calling, London calling. This is the Six O’Clock News from the BBC read by Lord Haw Haw. More than 20,000 people are believed to have been killed in a series of incidents in the East End of London. Militants loyal to the German Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, have claimed responsibility. Our World Affairs editor said this was an inevitable consequence of British aggression at Dunkirk.

The Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, said today that those responsible were a tiny minority of criminals whose views did not represent the mainstream Nazi community, which is overwhelmingly peace-loving and law-abiding.

As the clear-up operation continued, Mr Churchill appealed for calm and said there must be no retaliation. Anyone caught fighting on beaches, landing grounds, fields, streets or hills would be arrested and prosecuted under the emergency hate crimes legislation.

And it goes on like that for another 800 words. He essentially groups every follower of the Muslim faith under one banner and labels them as the enemy. He assures you that targeting such people with bricks and firebombs is one of the finest acts you can undertake in defence of this great nation.

Doesn’t this qualify as incitement?

Littlejohn should be dragged out of Canary Wharf in handcuffs for this. Or perhaps a straightjacket.

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