Thugs! Terror! Suntan lotion!

Posted by Tim Ireland at 3 August 2005

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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
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Today, Page 3 girl Nikkala (23, from Middlesex) is ‘appalled MPs are swanning off on holiday while fanatics plot against Britain and thugs terrorise the streets’… She says: “Everyone needs a break but 80 days is daft. The police are overrun. They desperately need new laws to help them. MPs should cut short their hols before it is too late.”

Strange… the police didn’t seem overrun on Monday when enforcing one of the new laws Rebekah Nikkala seems so keen on.


  1. Scaryduck says

    “We want knee-jerk legislation and we want it NOW!”

  2. goatchurch says

    Do new laws create crime, or does crime cause new laws?

  3. Guido Fawkes says

    Is this feature just an excuse for you to look at girls tits with a clear conscience?

  4. Manic says

    Yes. And it’s the only time at look at boobs. Ever. I swear. Honest.

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