Bad apples

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Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
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Guardian – Brutal attack by soldiers left innocent Iraqi dead, court told: “The Crown case is that [these men] entered a small Iraqi village in two vehicles,” Mr Heslop said. Once in the village they brutally assaulted a number of unarmed Iraqis, causing fatal injuries. “In the course of the assault they used helmets, rifle butts, fists and feet. Two women who tried to intervene were hit and hurt. One was pregnant. A dog that was barking was shot dead. This is not a case of soldiers responding to an attack nor being required to defend themselves in an operational engagement. This was nothing more than gratuitous violence meted out to unarmed civilians.” The assaults, Mr Heslop added, were “unjustified and wholly unprovoked”.

What could possibly prompt or influence such callous indifference?

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