Guantanamo Bay – the hunger strike continues

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Four years since September 11th, and the Bush administration continues with one the boldest crimes it has perpetrated in the name of its victims:

BBC – Guantanamo strike in second month: A hunger strike by detainees at the US Guantanamo Bay prison camp has entered a second month, says the US military. A prison spokesman said 87 inmates were still taking part in the strike that began on 8 August. Lawyers for the prisoners put the figure at 210.

Guardian – U.S. Denies Guantanamo Bay Prison Abuse: Most of some 500 detainees from more than 40 countries have been held more than 3 years without charge or access to lawyers. One of the demands of the strikers is that they be charged and brought to trial, or freed.

Independent – Revealed: the diary of a British man on hunger strike in Guantanamo: More than 200 detainees are starving themselves to protest against conditions at the camp in Cuba where they are being held without trial. Here the Independent on Sunday publishes a shocking extract from the journal of Omar Deghayes, a British resident, who has been imprisoned there since September 2002

UPDATE – Oh, goody… UK link to terror snatches

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