Hurricane of blame hits British shores

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Independent – Blair tells Murdoch: ‘gloating’ BBC is ‘full of hatred for America’
Independent – What Tony said to Rupert, and why it speaks volumes
Guardian – Blair attacks BBC for ‘anti-US bias’

And the response from Rupert’s camp? Let’s just call it ‘varied’….

Sunday Times – Companies are paying fees of up to 40K to advertise their products covertly on BBC programmes
News Of The World – Cocaine Kate’s 3-in-a-bed lesbian orgies

Here’s the initial response from the BBC:

BBC – Blair ‘attacked BBC over Katrina’: The News Corporation boss was speaking at a seminar hosted by former US President Bill Clinton, as part of his Clinton Global Initiative forum. Mr Clinton said he had seen the report Mr Blair was referring to, and there was “nothing factually inaccurate” in it. But he said it was designed “almost exclusively” to criticise the Bush administration’s response to the crisis.

Because – at the time – that was the f**king story! Not exclusively on the BBC, but almost every outlet of the hitherto-whipped American media. And for very valid reasons.

Note also how – in Rupert’s world – criticism of the Bush administration equates to hatred of America. (This mechanism has been in place since post-11/9 insanity kicked in.)

Here’s another free-thinker who dares to tell the ‘truth’ and assures us that the stakes are high: In an age of Islamofascist terrorism, the damage done by BBC disinformation to Western democracies is simply incalculable. Al Qaeda doesn’t need Al Jazeerah to get its message out. BBC “News” does the job of spreading hatred of America all by itself.

Message: Beware of anyone criticising the Bush administration. They hate America. They are in league with the terrorists.

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