Murdoch sticks the knife in… again

Posted by Tim Ireland at 5 September 2005

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Monday, September 5th, 2005
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Observer – ‘Stitched up’ Humphrys faces BBC probe: Humphrys strongly denied the allegations last night, saying his comments had been part of a ‘good humoured, light-hearted speech’ and ‘meant with great affection’. The form in which they had been reported ‘clearly suggest a stitch-up,’ he said. He took particular exception to a suggestion that he had said government ministers had to lie to get on.

Guardian – Humphrys hits back over ‘liars’ speech: Yesterday, Humphrys hit back at the Times report, saying it was “disgraceful” for the newspaper to suggest that his remarks were intended to imply that all ministers were liars. “It’s not what I believe and never have done,” he told the Guardian. Humphrys claimed the newspaper and its stablemate, the Sunday Times, which carried a similar report yesterday, had “conflated” a series of remarks he had made about politicians.

You’ll want to read the transcript excerpt provided by the Times. It begins with some fallout (pun intended) that followed my favourite election interview.

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