Who wants to win a million Blairs?

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Wednesday, October 19th, 2005
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All is well!Can I interest anyone in a million pounds at all?

(Special treat to come, folks. I’m just getting warmed up…)

UPDATE – And here – as promised – is your treat:
Backing Blair VI – Not Over By A Long Shot

Yes folks, a brand new video for Backing Blair. You’ll like this one; it’s full of lovely surprises (just like the months that followed the election).

Labour In. Blair Out.

That was the plan, remember?

The job’s only half-done, matey-peeps. Watch the video, sign the pledge and share the links. Cheers all.

UPDATE – Here, by request, is the text from the closing shot of the video:

There are two ways one can approach Iraq: fix it or leave it alone.

Blair can’t fix it, because he helped to break it.

And he just can’t leave it alone.

We will not be able to get beyond Iraq until someone is held accountible.

We cannot hope to end the cycle of terror until we rid ourselves of those who would treat the threat so rashly as to use it as a shield against criticism, an excuse for ineptitude and a justification for their own crimes against humanity.

We won’t wait forever, Labour. We shouldn’t be waiting at all!

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