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What do you think my chances are?

The Sun – Spotted a great blog?: HAVE you spotted a great topical blog on the internet? We are launching a new regular feature to exhibit the best of the online diaries on the web. The blog could include a first-hand account of a news story, a funny take on recent events, or tell an inspiring story. Send the link to and we will put the best ones on the website.

For the record: The Sun ran a short-lived print feature like this in September 2003… it lasted a day. They ran a feature on one blog on September 4 and then planned a feature on Bloggerheads for the next day. An online version of this article appeared that afternoon (see my entries from that day), but the print version due to appear on the 5th was pulled for some strange reason. I suspect it might have had something to do with my urging their readers to bare their bums at George W. Bush. The ‘ongoing’ blog feature was quietly discontinued.

(Heads-up via ScaryDuck.)

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