Holy cow!

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Thursday, November 3rd, 2005
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Sun newspaper editor Rebekah Wade has been arrested for allegedly assaulting her actor husband Ross Kemp!

(checks B3ta)


This is voodoo at work, people. Pay close attention.

UPDATE – Here’s mine.

UPDATE – (12:25pm) BBC reports that Rebekah Wade has been released without charge. Damn. More voodoo needed.

UPDATE – Did Mystic Meg see this coming? And why has no-one thought to ask yet?

UPDATE – Published in the latest issue of Popbitch: Why did Rebekah Wade attack Ross Kemp? Presumably for a bedroom indiscretion, but did she really stab him? And what was the gender of the third party?

UPDATE – Spotted by GuidoPress Gazette: It is believed that Wade and Kemp had been out last night commiserating with sacked Home Secretary David Blunkett.

UPDATE – Guradian: The pair, who often dine at exclusive London restaurant The Ivy, have a coterie of famous friends including David Blunkett, the work and pensions secretary who resigned yesterday, and Guy Black, the Tories’ press secretary and former director of the Press Complaints Commission, and his partner Mark Bolland, Prince Charles’ former adviser.

Enough gossip! I want to know the facts!


Domestic violence must end. I plan to invent a campaign by tomorrow morning, but if I fail in this task (or you think you have a superior idea) then be my guest. You will have my full support.

(What? Do you want me to do *everything*? I’m busy here!)

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