Oh, well *done*, Little Johnny Howard

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Tuesday, November 8th, 2005
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And to think that just yesterday we were chatting about Blair’s credibility-contribution in the run-up to the Iraq war…

BBC – Australia foils ‘terror attack’: Australian police say they have foiled a terrorist attack in the final stages of its preparation, after 16 people were arrested in Sydney and Melbourne… The operation came nearly a week after Australia’s anti-terror laws were changed to give police greater powers.

Sydney Morning Herald – Terror raids: It’s now a question of trust: This morning’s sweeping anti-terror raids in the suburbs of Sydney and Melbourne are reassuring, in that they demonstrate — or so we must hope — the effectiveness of our police and intelligence agencies. Yes, they were assisted, says the federal government, by the amendments passed last week by parliament, but they do not — yet — make the case for the more draconian changes ahead.


1. Bloggers: Note that the SMH is now allowing comments directly under editorials.

2. Members of the reality-based community: Note how similar the ditto-heads are to those who continually invade the BBC website. I especially love the ‘Surely we can trust our elected leaders?’ comments.

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