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Shhh! I’m building. Please excuse me for dumping the following, mostly for my own reference:

Press Gazette – How the Wade was sprung: Not just one, but two News International editors spent several hours at Battersea Police Station on Thursday morning, Press Gazette can reveal. Sun editor Rebekah Wade was arrested at 4am outside her Battersea home last week after an altercation with soap-star husband Ross Kemp. She used her phone call from the police station to ring close friend Judy McGuire, editorial director of News International’s magazine division, who she asked to get in touch with News of the World editor Andy Coulson.

Guardian – The editor, the actor, the (ex) cabinet minister and a night behind bars

Oh, and I did enjoy this…

Guardian (Media Monkey’s Diary – Nov 7): Of all the press coverage of Rebekah Wade’s arrest last week (a phrase we never thought we’d write), the Daily Telegraph was among the most muted. Monkey hears the Telegraph backbench wanted to run the story on page three, but editor Martin Newland intervened, saying it had to go further back in the book (it ended up on page five) and had to be played dead straight (it was). This has nothing to do, of course, with the fact that Telegraph PR chief, Guy Black, is a close friend of Wade and hubby Ross Kemp, and regularly holidays with them. Oh no. Just don’t expect a lot of follow-ups.

Ah, but there *was* a follow-up (of sorts)…

Telegraph – (Notebook – Nov 8): So let’s put her own trivial brush with the law in context. The day the flame-haired temptress editor was nicked while her EastEnders hard-man husband nursed a cut lip will be remembered only as an amusing postscript in Fleet Street history. Nothing more.

Yes, by all means. Let’s draw a line under it.

So much for the public’s right to know. One can only wonder what else she’s been up to that hasn’t been reported… or how many people succumb meekly to her thuggish behaviour because they know that her influence is so great.

[Note – Headline corrected after I also failed to post anything of consequence on the day following.]

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