Effing and blinding

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Wednesday, December 7th, 2005
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I’m finally in touch with someone other than a copy-n-paster at Woolworths regarding JS:TO, but they keep stonewalling me on the actual number of complaints, and I have yet to receive a straight answer to a straight question.

I’m presenting this screengrab to the public just in case they fall back on a claim of unacceptable profanity (Woolworths even sell 3 items with – *gasp* – the C-word in the title).

[SIDEBAR – Shocked members of the public may wish to note how many F-word items are available. Bargain-hunters may wish to note how many F-word items are available for under a fiver.]

fuck woolworths

Message to Woolworths: I can take a straight argument, but I do *not* like to be fobbed off or ignored. Talk to me like an intelligent human being, and we may get somewhere.

UPDATE – Check comments for an interesting development – Equity is on the case! Huzzah! Also, a range of blog reactions is reported here at the BBC website.

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