Curious claims of past denials

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BBC – Al-Jazeera ‘bombing plan’ denied: Downing Street has for the first time denied claims that a memo shows Tony Blair had to talk George Bush out of bombing the TV station al-Jazeera. Mr Blair’s official spokesman said a memo about the Bush-Blair conversation does not refer to bombing al-Jazeera.

CuriousHamster – Son, we live in a world that has walls: Today, for the first time, Tony Blair’s official spokesman has issued an outright denial. The memo in quesion apparently does not contain any reference to discussions concerning bombing any Al Jazeera bureaux anywhere. Amusingly, the PMOS insisted that the claim had already been firmly denied. Er, when?

BlairWatch – The Prime Minister’s Official Spokesman DENIES the Bush Blair Conversation refers to bombing al-Jazeera!?: Could this be the lie they get caught in?… Of course, this denial could be an exercise in semantics, without the full text of what the PMOS said, we don’t know. Could it be that instead of ‘bombing’, the memo talks about ‘attacking’, or plans to ‘take off air’ or some other euphemism? There is, of course, an easy way to clear this up

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