How to understand Tony Blair’s education policy

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I saw this in London a few weeks ago and took a picture:

Blair's Legacy

(For those of you in the cheap seats, it reads: Blair’s legacy will be; “He betrayed the British people. We will never forgive him.”)

To finally come to a full understanding about Tony Blair’s education policy, you only need be aware of two things:

1. Iraq.

2. A very old joke about man called Jones:

A tourist walks into a pub in Wales/Ireland/Scotland and sits next to a lonely man who’s mumbling to himself. The tourist tries to talk to the man, but has little luck. Finally, the tourist asks him his name. At this point, the old man gets quite irate and finally speaks;

“My name? You want to know my name? Come with me, lad, and I’ll tell you my name…”

They go outside, and the man gives him a short tour around the village, speaking as he goes…

“You see that barn over there? I built that barn with me own two hands. But do they call me ‘Jones the Barn Builder’? No! You see those railway lines over there? I personally laid down each and every sleeper and rail from here to the next village. But do they call me ‘Jones the Engineer’? Not on your life! You see that bridge over there? I built that bridge myself. I worked hard at it for years, and it will last for many more years to come. But do they call me ‘Jones the Bridge-Builder’? Do they hell! But you f*#k ONE sheep…”

Jones made a big mistake in thinking that any number of positive works could overshadow his most notorious endeavour, when with time and properly-focused effort, he could easily have cast aside his long-standing label with an even more notorious endeavour (or, at the very least downgraded it, to the point where he was known as ‘Jones the Granny-Strangling Kiddie-Fiddling Sheep-Shagger’).

And that, ladies and gentlemen, explains Tony Blair’s education policy.

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