Missing protestor update

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Tuesday, January 17th, 2006
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The Missing Protester page has been updated as follows:

For a while there we thought we had a possible match; Detective Sergeant John Pickersgill. Further investigation revealed that Det Sgt Pickersgill was currently attached to S012, the Special Branch Section at New Scotland Yard responsible for holding intelligence on extremist bodies. In other words, he was one of very few police with a (theoretically) valid reason to be out and about acting like an agitator.

So I called him.

I first made sure that I had the same John Pickersgill that appears in the photo linked above and displayed below. I then explained the situation and asked if was our missing man.

Next candidate, please....

His response: “I can absolutely and categorically state that it wasn’t me.”

So the search continues.

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