Two events to look out for

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1. 7/7 Anniversary Memorial ServiceThis Saturday at 3pm there will be held an informal ceremony at the Cenotaph, near Downing Street on Whitehall for the half-year anniversary of the London bombings.

Yes, you will be risking arrest.

BTW, Lord Falconer was on Radio 4 last week, insisting that Section 132 of the Serious and Organised Crimes and Police Act 2005 applied to ‘everyone’.

Oh, really?

Hey, does it apply to rebel MPs who take part in a protest vote or abstain as a form of protest? Can we test this somehow?

2. Iraq: The Bloody Circus, More 4, 9-12 January 2006

Starting with the docudrama Why We Went To War on Monday.

More 4 even have their very own Iraqi blogger on-site to enhance the event. Sadly, there’s no comments, no trackback, no… oh, we’ve been through this all before, haven’t we?

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