Amorous self-censorship (and they called it puppy love)

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The Scum – Terrorvision (Editorial 17 Feb 2005): Who exactly is running the BBC – Osama Bin Laden? It looks worryingly like he is as Auntie considers pulling a 1-million-pound Spooks episode because it shows a terrorist being shot dead. The target is portrayed as an Osama henchman and the Beeb is worried about reprisals. But a terrorist is a terrorist. And right now, almost all terrorists are acting in the name of al-Qaeda. They are at war with us. If we are cowed into timorous self-censorship now, we are already losing the first battle.

(UPDATE – The story this editorial is based on is not based on facts. Now there’s a surprise.)

It should be noted for the record that the new Abu Ghraib photos did not even rate a mention in yesterday’s issue of the Sun or today’s. Why, it’s almost as if it never happened.

Sadly, like the photos themselves, this is ‘old news’…

Bloggerheads – Page 3 – Model Propaganda: The Sun has backed almost every Bush initiative and played down every embarrassment. For example, when the images of torture in Abu Ghraib were front page news, The Sun buried it on page 6, with less than a 1/4 page, 130 words and a teeny-tiny picture. The next day, leading with George W. Bush’s version of events, they used 229 words. And that was about it. (A week or so later, a Labrador puppy was thrown off an overpass and The Sun was there with a massive 3/4 page and 270 words.

Who exactly is running the Sun? Is it a puppy?

(See also the Sun’s timorous brave and high-minded self-censorship regarding The Muhammad Cartoons.)

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